Using Treats with your Cat

Treats are a fantastic way to interact with your cat to give it a reward for superb behavior, to teach it new tricks that you might want it to do. Cats can be taught tricks just like other animals can and using treats is a way to reward them for such behavior. You can use treats that are healthy and great tasting for your cat.

For example, if your cat needs dental attention or has hair balls you can buy special treats that will help those conditions and still act as a reward for your cat.

You want to make sure that you take the treats. Often times they are larger in size than they need to be so you can break them into smaller pieces to give them to your cat. If they are dental treats, you probably want to leave them whole so that your cat gets the benefit of the chewing action that’s provided by the treat.

Too many treats to a cat in one day has to be accounted for so if you gave a dozen treats or so to your cat in the course of a day while you were training it you definitely want to decrease the amount of food that you give to your cat that day because it is already taking in a lot of calories. I think of a couple of treats for a cat as equivalent to eating a small bag of potato chips for ourselves. So if you keep that in mind you’ll have less of a hard time with treats for your cat.

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