11 Cat Skin Problems & Natural Remedies

Skin is an external organ that faces most of the wrath caused by outside factors like, allergens, parasites and many other reasons are to be blamed. Cats are prone to a number of problems just like human beings and these self grooming creatures have a tough time with such issues.

If you find your cat excessively licking or scratching then it’s a hint which directly points out that there might be skin problem on board. Every kitty gets to face some sort of skin problem once or more during her or his life time and most of them can be resolved with the help of medications.

My kitty had eczema which was an after effect of an allergic reaction due to certain food stuffs. Initially she was given a course of antibiotics orally but things dint settle down with that so the vet suggested applying some topical cream. Even though the inflammation and marks were reducing here itching sensation wasn’t getting any lesser. That is when the vet ordered to have antihistamine to relive the itchiness of the skin. This itching problem recurred after a few months’ so I treated her with some holistic medications which aimed to cleanse her liver and detoxify her body. After that I haven’t seen her having this itchy skin problem or I would say the natural holistic medication worked well by providing a permanent solution.

Owning a cat isn’t an easy job and the caretaker needs to pay attention closely to avoid many problems that comes for a dirty ride. Here is a list of skin problems that might hit your cat’s skin and you should be fully geared up to face them and prevent them by knowing every bit of info.

Common Cat Skin Problems

  • Acne: This word is a very familiar term among us humans but don’t worry homosapiens are not alone on this and the interesting fact is pets are also prone to this odd skin problem. Cats suffer from acne that may be temporary or a permanent problem with varying intensities. It is caused due to stress, illness, poor grooming, and allergic reaction towards certain types of medications. Usually such conditions are treated using shampoo or gel but in certain cases antibiotics are prescribed if bacterial infections are present. Thank god cats don’t have prom parties else the owner would go crazy taking her to the grooming centers.
  • Abscess: This condition is very common among cats who love to fight. My kitty had an abscess problem in its tail. It was a firm swelling which ruptured only to give out discharge which I had to clean out carefully. My neighbor’s cat and my kitty behaves like eternal enemies at least that’s what it looks like from their fondness towards each other. Nowadays I keep my kitty indoors as that is the only way to prevent problems like abscess. Well as a rule of thumb this rule applies to all felines out there. It is better to contain them indoors to prevent fight related abscess.
  • Ear Mites: This problem is a universal problem and pretty simple to handle. In worst cases some pet owners hardly groom their kitties and clean their ears. So in such cases ear mite infections can lead to bacterial growth and severe problems like ear pain and itching. When you find your cat tilting or scratching its ears continuously then steal a look into her ears to identify the problem. You might find some wax which is brownish in color. The best method to treat this is by applying ear drops that intend to kill the mites and having a cleanup done with a cotton ball.
  • Contact dermatitis: Cats are sensitive creatures as they can’t tolerate chemicals and even certain plastic varieties. Last time when I met the cat doctor he said not to use plastic dishes to feed her instead use glass or stainless steel. Plastic dishes can generally lead to contact dermatitis so why to take such a risk. Also keep your cat away from chemicals like floor cleaners, dish washers and whatever you have in stock. These inquisitive creatures like to poke their nose into everything that they see. So if you want them to stay safe then hide all chemicals far from their reach. Also if your kitty has an inclination towards breaking glassware then stainless steel would be better choice.
  • Fleas: Flea problem is again a common issue and the after effect depends on the sensitivity of the cat towards flea bites. Some cats don’t show any reaction even after getting fleas but some cats just have a terrible time handling these tiny creatures. One bite is enough to piss them off and get their skin to pop out with itchy bumps. It is generally seen at the base of the tail, rear legs and inner thighs. The best way to prevent this allergy is either by controlling the fleas or takes the cat to the vet for immediate treatment. You can get some worms available at shops that love to eat fleas and you can dump them in your garden.
  • Allergy from food: Now this is something which is a result of sensitivity to certain foods or ingredients present in them. If you are feeding your cat with processed or canned foods then the preservatives can do a bad job with their health. This is a serious condition where the cat is compelled to scratch severely due to the itching sensation over its body especially over the head and the back. At worst cases swelling of eyelids can also be seen. Your vet is the best person who can handle this situation and he will usually check on the diet patterns to see what ingredients are causing this problem. Also to prevent excessive itching sensation which might lead to damage of the skin, vets may offer steroid shots to alleviate such symptoms.
  • Psychogenic Alopecia: Some cats keep on grooming themselves due to stress or anxiety problems. And what happens is that they tend to lose their fur or it gets thin along stripes on their body. I seriously don’t understand what stress and anxiety they have to deal with when compared to us humans. No jobs, no education, no financial troubles but still they are stressed and god knows why and how. Okay may be there are cat problems which we aren’t aware off and we will talk about that later. So coming to the compulsive grooming problem the only solution is to take to a vet where he might provide medications to control stress and anxiety issues.
  • Ringworm: Who does not know about ringworm and they are common as well as contagious in both animals and humans equally. You can identify this ringworm problem as it occurs as round patches with a red ring. This can be treated by antifungal medications prescribed by your vet. Also regular cleansing and sterilizing will be ordered on a regular basis until the problem fades off.
  • Stud Tail: There are certain glands near the tail that sometimes produce excess oils. It is a waxy brown material that you can feel like a greasy substance which emits a kind of rotten smell. It is found in their tails at the top part and common in cats that has not been neutered. So obviously the only solution is to get them neutered and clean the tail area using shampoos specifically made for such purposes
  • Sunburn: It’s better if humans and pets avoid the sun during 10 am to 2 pm when the big daddy shines hot like a furnace. If you have a hairless breed or a light colored kitty then keep them indoors until the daddy cools down. Sunburns are not to be taken lightly as they can lead to skin cancers and other long term issues. So beware.

So being a cat is a not an easy job and hope you would have understood that by now!! We humans think we are the only ones in this planet hailed by varieties of ailments and problems but that is absolutely incorrect. Felines and canines equally suffer like us and most of their problems go unnoticed unless their owners are responsible enough. So here are a handful of natural products and home remedies that can come handy for your mouser when he or she is in trouble. These are a few best selling and wonderful natural products endorsed by lot of pet owners and a must to be stock at every home.

Home Remedies & Natural Products For Cat Skin Problems

  • Apple cider vinegar: Prepare it yourself or buy original one and rub it along the chin and affected areas. This will considerably help in acne reduction.
  • Chamomile tea spray: This is a great support during summers when heat and itchy skin are common. I make them and put it in my refrigerator so that whenever needed can take it directly and spray it on both cats and dogs. This tea helps to ward off skin irritants and also soothes the skin from heat and sunburns. Have a kitty with itchy skin? Then try this natural remedy and you will never regret.
  • Vitamin E oil: Any brand will do but buy a genuine product that isn’t adulterated. This oil helps to keep the skin supple and protects from dry flaky conditions.
  • Epsom salt: Soak your kitty in lukewarm water mixed with some Epsom salt for around five minutes. This will help to treat a number of skin problems like fleas, allergies, ticks, mites and many more. Also it helps to prevent fungal infections in the paws and nails.
  • Cranberry or carrot juice: Both of them can be added to water or you can buy the extracts available in powdered form with dosages. Giving them will help to detoxify the body and fight infections. When the internal health is perfect it automatically reflects on the skin. You can ask your vet about the dosages.
  • Mycodex flea and tick shampoo: Simply lather this shampoo in and around your pets coat so that all the adult fleas and ticks will lose their grip. It also helps to remove dandruff and scaly skin so that itching problems can be kept at bay. It contains coconut extract, aloe and lanolin all being healthy natural moisturizers. As an added advantage your kitty’s coat will shine bright with a fragrant smell. I always take this product whenever I travel along with my kitty and it’s is really worth.
  • DOUXO Seborrhea Spot-on [Green Label] for Cats: This is an awesome product with great results and trusted by customers since years. This helps to clear acne problems, lesions, spot-on heal for small skin barriers and even a great remedy for ear infections. Having this at your home will help you to cut some visits to the vets as the product itself is self sufficient and most of the vets prescribe this product.
  • Citressence Pet Spray for Cat Odor: My Fluffy tabby has a bad odor and my vet said it might be a skin problem or an underlying problem which is yet to be diagnosed. But as of now nothing is visible and nothing serious so I use this product to prevent the whole odor issue. This product does not come with any secondary odors but it neutralizes the whole scent emanating from the cat. After the application of the spray there is totally no smell or scent that comes out. Great isn’t it? The best bet is it is totally safe for the kitties and a best product to keep in hand.
  • Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo for Cats: Wanna keep your kittens and big kitties out of fungi and bacteria’s reach? Then this is the right shampoo that you should keep in stock. It contains enzymes made from fresh milk and is the best product that will fight most of the dermal conditions faced by cats and dogs alike. It is fully safe and since a natural product there are no side effects. Apply this shampoo as per instructions and feel the change yourself. Your kitties coat will shine with vigor along with a fragrant smell.
  • Ketochlor Shampoo for Cats Skin Disorder: Have a cat then it is a must to have an antiseptic and antiseborrheic product at home. There are a lot of products with both these properties but the best and most trusted among many is ketochlor shampoo. It helps to fight most of the skin infections, heal small skin wounds, cure for the coat health and improves its texture. This product can be obtained only after a prescription from a licensed vet and is the best product for most of the skin problems.
  • Defendex: This product is purely a homeopathic formulation that is best suited for treating eczema. Seriously eczema is a menace for the skin as I myself I had that problem twice due to some drug allergy. Felines are also prone to these itching episodes along with red bumps over the skin. Eczema can be caused due to allergens, food allergies or even due to any other cause like autoimmune problem. Generally a vet is the best person to treat this condition but to get relief from itching and related symptoms Defendex can be the best choice to go with. Since it is a homeopathic formulation there are no side effect issues and the pet will feel relaxed.


Taking care of cat is like participating in a race with an egg and spoon. Only those who are slow and steady shall win the game likewise take things real slow and steady while dealing with cats. They are self grooming creatures but sometimes they tend to overdo the same creating problems or poke their nose into something uncalled for. Whatever be the reason you need to take care of them ultimately and dance to their tunes. After all they are felines the gods of ancient Egypt (I guess that’s why they show attitude, may be they haven’t forgotten their history) and of course the naughtiest of all pets.

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